Save Time & Improve Results in Facebook Ads.

Spend less time checking Facebook Ads. Metric sends alerts, reports, & runs automations based on conditions you set - all so you can focus on more important work.

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Easy automation builder

No overly-complicated builders here! We've kept it so stupid-simple, even your grandma could do it.

Send a daily report of the important ad stats.

Alert you when ROAS starts falling or climbing.

Auto-scale your campaigns based on logic.

Get notified in Slack

Anytime something important happens, an automated message can be sent to your Slack channel of choice.

Keep your team in the loop of spend, clicks, etc.

See line charts of anomalies or important alerts.

Spend less time scanning through Facebook Ads.

What makes Metric awesome?

Unlimited Ad Spend

We do not charge based upon your ad spend in Facebook Ads. You only pay for the usage & features you need - because that's fair.

1-Click Templates

From running our own ads agency, we know what key numbers people care about & we've created a series of templates to get you started!

Beautiful Design

No clicking through clunky menus. We've styled Metric based on our favorite websites & removed ui elements that don't make sense.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Metric different from Facebook's native rules?

TryMetric has the following features that Facebook Ads Rules do not:

• Direct Slack Integration
• More User Friendly & Better User Interface
• Beautiful Charts & Graphs
• Mobile Updates (via Slack + Email*)
• Live Updates (Get messaged on Slack when automations or reports happen).
• Ability to select specific Campaigns, Ad Sets, & Ads for reports & automations.
• Budget Projection Alerts (if you’re on track to over/underspend, you can be notified)

Planned Features:

• Google Ads Integration
• Additional Notification Customization
• 1-Click Templates & Recipes

What are Metrics & how many do I need?

A single Metric is a saved set of instructions for our robots to follow. Think of it like a recipe.

One Metric could order our robots to grab your daily ad spend & send it to your slack channel every day at 9am. Another Metric could execute an automation to turn off a campaign if performance falls below a threshold you set.

Metrics only count towards your limit if they are turned on in your account.

What are Actions & how are they counted?

An action is counted every time a Metric is executed. Multiple actions can take happen within a single Metric that has a series of automations.

Example Scenario:
If your campaign's ROAS dropped by 30% & the spend was is greater than $500, then 1. send an alert to Slack & 2. decrease the campaign daily budget by 10%.

This automation Metric would cost 2 actions.

What if my Metric doesn't use actions but is constantly checking?

Don't worry, we give you a generous amount of checks. A check is simply the process of our servers checking to see (based on the interval you set) if conditions are true for a Metric to use an action.

You don't need to worry about these too much but if you somehow manage to go over 100,000 checks in a month, you'll be billed at $0.002/per additional check.

Can I change my plan later?

Absolutely, we will automatically pro-rate you based on your billing date if you decide to upgrade before your next payment.

Are you still babysitting Facebook Ads?

There's a better way.